The Advantages of Hiring a Professional SEO Agency in Dubai

Dubai SEO agency

With about 16 million visitors every year, Dubai is currently one of the busiest markets in the world. Businesses in the city use various techniques to compete for the attention of this potential market.

Research shows that 46% of searches on Google are for local products or services. Since two-thirds of the people doing the search won’t move to page two of the results, it is necessary to at least have your business appear on the first page, if not at the top.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an excellent way for you to ensure that your company ranks highly for specific search results. If you sell shirts, your shop should pop up in the results when a person does a “buy quality shirts” search. It is the same for different industries.

This article will explore SEO and examine why a business needs a professional agency to improve its online presence.


Benefits of Hiring an SEO Company in Dubai for Your Business

You can do search engine optimization for your business on your own or have an agency handle it. We advise that you choose the latter for the following reasons:

Relevant Competition

A website can only succeed online if it gets regular, relevant traffic. Businesses can then focus on transforming the traffic into opportunities through lead marketing.

Large organizations in Dubai commit a lot of resources to digital marketing. The majority of this goes into SEO. If you want to compete with such companies, consider hiring a digital marketing agency to handle your SEO.

Agencies can execute high-level digital marketing and search engine optimization with smaller budgets. Professionals from these companies are experts at on-page, off-page, and on-site strategies. They can combine elements for digital campaigns that enable your business to offer relevant competition to large corporations.

Keep up with Trends

Search engine algorithms change rapidly. The field keeps changing with technological developments. Doing it yourself or letting an in-house marketing team handle SEO means it is a side task, and keeping up with changes might be difficult.

SEO agencies do this as their core business and constantly update their techniques in response to new technology. Having your online presence up to date with trends keeps you ahead of your competition. Your website looks professional and attracts a relevant share of online traffic.

Concentrate on Your Business

Search engine optimization takes a lot of time. You constantly create new content, ensure they are optimized for SEO, add backlinks, do link building, etc. These come before all the on-page and off-page activities you add as support.

Since you learn this knowledge first, the process will require some time.

An agency should handle all these while you use the time to properly work on your business. You can dedicate that time to improving customer service and support. The agency works full time on SEO while you work full time on your company. This is better than dedicating 50% effort to each.

Save Money on SEO Tools

When doing search engine optimization yourself, you have to use specific tools and software that don’t come for free. When you compare the cost of the tools and how often you will use them, you may be overspending.

Hiring an agency means you save money that you would have spent on these tools. The SEO company uses them regularly and makes more money in the process. They can offer their services at a lower price, making them a cost-effective choice.

Prevent Errors and Mistakes

Processes such as SEO require detailed steps. Without the necessary skills and experience, it is easy to make mistakes. These errors can negatively impact your online presence if they are not changed soon enough.

As a beginner, it is difficult to identify the mistakes even before you try to fix them.
Agencies have experience with the common mistakes and how they affect advertising campaigns. They can avoid them when implementing SEO strategies to help your page rank higher.

An SEO agency can analyze websites to find loading speed, mobile compatibility, and link structure issues that they fix effectively.

Better Return on Investment

An agency in Dubai has all the data and insights on different local markets. The expertise of an agency’s SEO professionals enables them to drive the right kind of traffic to your website. Converting these individuals into customers is easy.

Online agencies achieve massive brand awareness when improving search engine ranking for your business. You can ride on this for marketing and make profits with less advertising investment.

Proper Keyword Reports

Agencies don’t only execute processes to improve your SEO rankings, they also track your brand performance in connection with your chosen keywords.

They provide reports on performance and include suggestions on the steps to take next.

Website Maintenance

As part of their services, SEO agencies often perform regular maintenance on your website as they assess search engine rankings.

They do continuous monitoring to identify issues and help fix them immediately. This indirectly helps to keep the site running at all times and helps to catch bugs early.

SEO ranking factors

Factors That Affect the SEO Ranking of a Web Page

SEO requirements change quickly. It is difficult keeping up with the rapid development and technologies, but you have to. Knowing the latest trends in search engine optimization keeps your online presence relevant.

Below are some of the factors that search engines use to rank pages for results:

Site Structure

The first thing to consider is the structure of your website. Your site should be created with an excellent website builder, have a robots.txt file, and have a sitemap. These help Google web crawlers to have a good summary of your website.

Site Security

A website that is not secure is not recommended to users. The web crawlers for search engines look at the URL of your site to determine how secure it is. Websites without HTTPS are often not added to the top of search results.

Page Speed

Several web users leave websites when they take more than eight seconds to load. To help improve user experience search engines recommend fast-loading websites more than slow ones. This was added to the algorithm in July 2018.

Mobile Friendliness

More than 50% of web users visit sites from their mobile devices. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you limit it to only half of your potential visitors. Search engines factor this into their page rankings to ensure that most users can access their recommended sites.

Optimized Content

Crawlers also check content when recommending sites. A website that has most of the keywords that users search for is ranked higher than those that have fewer matching elements. The algorithms consider how many times the keywords appear, whether they are headings or not and if they are linked to other sites with more instances.


There are many other reasons to hire an SEO agency to handle your search engine optimization activities. They offer you better expertise and skills at optimum prices. Take advantage of this to grow your business in Dubai.

eMojo Digital provides you with expertise in search engine optimization and website maintenance. We can guide your strategies to help you rank on the first page of a search result depending on the keywords you associate with.