About us

eMojo is a full-scale digital marketing agency that specializes in custom made online advertising and data-driven user acquisition solutions. 

There’s a lot we could say, like the fact that our analysts have years of experience in identifying the correct channels to reach a specific audience, or how we develop our proprietary marketing tools that interface with leading advertising platforms, specifically so we could have the edge over the competition.

We recognize that in today’s world, any organization’s marketing effort has to be cross-platform and 100% data driven. That’s why eMojo makes a point to be able to offer services that correspond with every step of the purchase funnel.

Our job is to convince one person to:

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    eMojo is an AI-first digital marketing agency

    With increased complexities in ad networks like Google Ads and Facebook Ads, continuous improvement algorithms have a better cognition of A/B testing and other rigorous split testing.  We’ve built an entire system around the concept of finding opportunities in existing campaigns. We’ll slice and dice your audience in ways you did not think of in order to make sure your media budget only goes where it makes a difference.

    Platforms we feel at home with

    eMojo is just the right size!

    Our team is 15 talented people strong. We’re not too big where quality control management becomes a challenge and we’re not too small to the point where we cannot offer the complete package due to lack of specific knowledge and/or being over capacity.