Five Benefits of Local SEO in 2022

Local SEO is a digital marketing strategy that helps businesses gain more visibility in local searches on websites like Google. While it’s always excellent to have a few good business cards and build a good reputation through word of mouth, you must invest time and money to advertise your business online.

Using local SEO will attract customers by influencing your site’s relevance, improving its prominence, and making it popular. With that said, let’s look at some of the benefits of local SEO to a business in Dubai.

1. Improve Your Visibility in Google Maps

Google Maps is essential for people who travel a lot, but it also comes in handy when it comes to business applications. Local SEO will not only list your business on Google Maps but also ensure it ranks higher. First things first, you’ll have to submit your business information to Google My Business (GMB).

You can include your business address and contact information, among other important information. Moreover, adding a review section to your website is important. Reviews are great for any business, but they double up when it comes to Google Maps reviews left by local customers. Additionally, you can choose categories that are most relevant to your business. The process requires you to invest more time and money, but the end result would be worthwhile.

2. Reach More Local Customers

Local SEO in Dubai can help you increase brand awareness and local acquisition of customers. It’ll also help update your business website and make it more valuable to web visitors. While local customers are the bread and butter of a business, local SEO can also help you to reach people visiting your area.

People visiting a particular area don’t know which businesses have the best reputations or a stronger customer base. These visitors will be looking for businesses with products or services. While using local SEO, your business has a chance of getting noticed before others. You’ll be able to put your best foot forward to showcase your business to new loyal customers.

3. Boost Your Online Presence

One can’t stress enough the importance of having an online presence as a business in Dubai. Incorporating digital marketing in Dubai will make your business more competitive and help you consistently rank at the top of SERPs. Most Google searches are constantly looking for local information.

You’re losing potential customers if your business is not optimized for local searches. Therefore, SEO Dubai is imperative when you want your business to stay relevant. This is true for businesses with physical locations as they have potential customers looking for their products or services.

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4. Stay Ahead of the Competition

Investing in Google local services means your business is a step ahead by default. You’ll be able to get all potential clients as they can easily find you. As a business owner, you can always take control when your business appears on the search engine’s first page. Two businesses offer the same services or products, one uses local SEO, and the other uses traditional methods.

No doubt, potential customers would be redirected to a business that ranks highly on SERPs since buyers love to explore the product. A good place where they start their research is the search engine; without any second-guessing, they’ll pick the businesses that are found on the search engine.

5. Get More Reviews and Testimonials

Most customers look through the reviews before purchasing a product. Your customer would love to give honest reviews when you offer authentic services. These reviews will help you generate more customers. All these can’t be possible if you haven’t optimized your business with local SEO.

Moreover, you’ll be able to attain more customer reviews and respond to customer feedback, which will help you rank higher on the search engine as it signifies a better customer experience.


As seen, brick-and-mortar businesses can benefit a lot from local SEO. Emojo Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai can help your business stay afloat and add tremendous value to your business. From increasing your ROI to drawing in new visitors to your business, these experts will help your business grow and thrive.