Marketing Budget Planning For 2022

Digital marketers have a lot to think about their budget spending strategy. From content creation and social media management to paid advertising and marketing analytics tracking, many facets of the job need consideration.

Some predictions and rumors vary significantly from one another. The best way to understand their spending on marketing strategies is to take a closer look at some of the methods that are under consideration of experienced CMOs and see what they imply about how CMOs spend their budgets.

This blog post will explore what an average person with this title should know about future budgets to make smart decisions.

10 Strategic Plans to Spend Marketing Budget Like Experienced CMO

If you’re a CMO considering the allocation of marketing budget, here are some tips:

1. Plan for What Your Marketing Budget Will Do In the Future Before Spending It

In order to not find yourself in a position where you need more money for marketing, CMOs should plan.

  • How long do you want this marketing budget to last?
  • How will it affect your company’s financial goals if it is successful?
  • How much do you want to spend on digital advertising?
  • How can you keep track of the success of your campaign and compare what works best in your industry?
  • How does social media match up with other forms of advertising?
  • How will this budget work with your established budgeting cycle?

These are all questions that CMOs should answer before moving forward in their careers.

2. Invest In Commissioning New Content for All Channels

Content creation is a major part of digital marketing. Before investing your finance in content creation, take a look at the following question and answer yourself to get the best result.

How much should you invest in content?

What’s the best way to create content that will be shared and liked by your audience or potential customers?

How can you ensure it goes viral?

How often do you need to update this content for maximum effectiveness on digital channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn?

The key to success in marketing is a mixture of creativity, strategy, and budgeting. All three are necessary for continued growth.

3. CMOs Are Spending Less on Traditional Marketing Channels

After reviewing this, it looks like CMOs are going to be spending less on traditional marketing channels.

This is a great insight for marketers as it means they can focus their time and resources more effectively without worrying about what’s coming in from the outside!

There are new marketing methods such as email marketing, content marketing, PR, and influencer relations, which CMOs plan to spend more on shortly.

After the Covid 19 pandemic, the key takeaway is that traditional channels such as paid media (TV advertising or newspaper ads) will not bring you a return anytime soon, so focus your efforts elsewhere!

4. CMOs Are Focusing More on Customer Experience

CMOs are spending more on customer experience.

As people become more and more aware of their data, the companies that do not pay close attention to making sure they create a positive customer experience will be left behind.

By 2022 CMOs plan to spend more than ever in this area, so marketers need to understand its importance.

Additional research from CMOs suggests that customer experience is best enhanced when personalized to meet their expectations which means you need to be in tune with what they’re looking for and how they want it delivered.

This year, marketers are focusing on improving customer experience, so don’t make the mistake of ignoring this area.

5. Invest In Marketing Automation and Data Analytics

CMOs and other marketing leaders are spending more on marketing automation.

Marketing automation is the future of CMOs. It will save time, energy, money, and resources for all parties involved in executing campaigns that need to be automated to work best.

The marketing automation project can be tough to wrap your head around, but with the help of an experienced agency, it will become more apparent, and you’ll be able to start implementing quicker.

6. Spending on New Technologies Like AI, Vr, AR

CMOs are more likely to spend more on new technologies such as AI, VR, and AR.

CMOs hope to deliver a personalized experience for each viewer in their virtual world with these types of marketing initiatives.

The use of Artificial Intelligence and data analytics will make sure that what you see is tailored specifically for your preferences which means that the content is just as good for a child or an adult, male or female.

VR and AR will also be used to bring this experience into your home by providing immersive experiences that you could never have before – such as sitting in on a meeting with CMOs while they talk about their strategy!

7. Invest Time and Money Wisely

You’re taking a considerable risk when you throw your marketing darts without having any analytics to guide how they fly.

Analytics is the most fundamental pillar of your marketing strategy. It tells you what works and not by just guessing, but through hard data that can be measured and analyzed. Why market if you don’t know how it performs?

CMOs are aware of the power that analytics has in their marketing efforts. Spending 5.8% of their budget on it and expecting to triple this number in three years, they know how crucial data is for success.

The main point of this passage is to understand what your prospects respond well to and how they behave online. This will allow you to create more effective marketing plans in the future, which can only be a good thing!

The best way for any business owner or marketer today is to understand their client’s taste and preferences.

By monitoring every post on social media, blog content created through blogging tools such as WordPress, autoresponder emails that are sent out after someone fills out a contact form – it becomes more accessible than ever before with tools – all these things help us learn what our clients want from us next time we’re building new campaigns around them.

8. Increase Engagement and Conversions With Social Media

In the year 2022, CMOs will be spending more on social media advertising.

Online businesses have to be aware of where customers are assembling to reach out and establish engagement. It’s a matter of finding the right audience before they find you so that when they do come across your brand, it is familiar territory for them and something worth sticking around for.

Since the number of people who use social media has been steadily growing in billions, it’s no surprise that many companies want to leverage this as a marketing strategy.

9. Improve Your Current Blogs and Websites With Optimized Content

The best way to generate leads is through content.

In 2022 CMOs will spend more on optimizing their content. Optimized content is vital for any business or blog that relies heavily on traffic to survive.

There’s so much competition out there in the digital world, and it can be challenging to keep up with all of the trends.

How many times have you heard somebody say, “I don’t know how that got on my computer!” when they were browsing the web?

How many times have you been tagged in a post and wondered who is behind it?

It’s essential to stay up-to-date with all of these happenings. If not, your business could be struggling while others are flourishing because their content was optimized for search engines.

Getting content optimized is not just about writing lots of words to fill space – that’s what works for some people! But optimizing your content does take time, so we advise using AI-powered SEO tools like Surfer, Outranking, etc.

10. Get Optimized for Mobile

Mobile marketing and optimization are essential for any company to focus on in the CMO’s future budget.

You might be surprised to find that Americans who use their mobile device are consuming 2.5 times the monthly minutes than desktop users on average.

Though website usage is still higher in America than it is for countries with a larger proportion of smartphone owners (such as Japan), this gap has been narrowing recently as well – so if you want your ad seen by more people now may be a perfect time!

Many experts predict they will continue to dominate online activities such as web browsing within only a few years from now. This trend can also create difficulties when designing websites efficiently because different screen sizes can significantly affect what appears.

Fortunately, there’s already plenty out there we can learn from.


The marketing landscape is changing fast. With the CMOs of major companies investing more in digital strategies than ever before, it’s important to think ahead about what your company will need for future success and execute a plan that takes this into account.

You may be wondering how these changes are going to affect you and your business. eMojo can help! Our team specializes in creating customized SEO plans based on unique goals for small businesses like yours.

We also offer PPC management services, social media consulting, content creation, video production-the list goes on!

Whatever needs you to have today or tomorrow we’ve got you covered with personalized service and strategic thinking from our experienced team members who know all too well what’s coming down the way.