Siemplify : Cold Emailing Case Study

Siemplify : Cold Emailing Case Study

Our Challenge

Siemplify is a cyber security company that was looking to increase their lead generation and sales efforts. Despite having a strong product and a dedicated sales team, they were struggling to reach and convert their target audience through traditional marketing channels.

Our Approach

Siemplify is a cyber security company that approached eMojo for help with their cold email outreach efforts. The company was looking to increase its lead generation and sales efforts and had heard great things about our team's expertise in cold email outreach.

Our team worked closely with Siemplify to understand their business goals and target audience and developed a customized strategy that included crafting compelling subject lines and email copy, identifying the best times to send emails, and segmenting their audience for more targeted outreach.

In order to ensure the success of the campaign, we set up three domains and 10 inboxes per domain, and constantly monitored and switched out domains and inboxes as needed to maintain high deliverability rates.
The results of our cold email outreach campaign were impressive, as seen above.

The VP of Growth at Siemplify was thrilled with the results and credited our team's efforts as a major contributing factor to the company's success. In fact, the VP of Growth was recently promoted to CEO partly thanks to the success of this project.

Siemplify's success did not go unnoticed, and while engaging with eMojo the company caught the attention of Google, who acquired the company for a staggering $500M.


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