The Importance of Multilingual SEO for Businesses in Dubai

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Every business needs to ensure that suitable languages are used when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). The last thing anyone wants is to use a language that people do not speak in the country that they reside in. However, what should people do when multiple languages are spoken in a country?

That is where multilingual SEO comes in. A place like Dubai has two popular languages spoken and written. Businesses need to use these two languages to hone in on the customers who come to Dubai and live there.

To learn more about multilingual SEO in Dubai, continue reading below.

Why Do Businesses Need Multilingual SEO?

Even though English is the most popular language on the internet, it doesn’t mean it should be the only language that businesses use. A company’s reputation will be positive if people use multiple languages for their SEO needs. Also, it will help attract more customers.

What Are the Two Languages Needed?

In Dubai, only 11.3% of the population are citizens, meaning businesses will need to have English as one of the main languages used for SEO. This is because it is the most spoken language in the world, which is why people need to use that information to help gain attention from their target audience.

The second language that should be used for SEO purposes is Arabic. Many Emirati citizens travel to Dubai, which is why having Arabic on a website is a great way to ensure they can use it.


Why Should Businesses Have Multilingual SEO?

There are many reasons businesses should use multilingual SEO for the website, brand, and other parts of the company, but below are some specific examples:


Dubai is one of the hottest tourist destinations, which is why businesses should have two languages when setting up SEO on a website. This will come off a lot better when a customer is looking for something while they are in Dubai. An example would be a gold seller. If the gold seller only had Arabic on the website, then all the English speakers would miss out on going to the store.

It is just another way for businesses in Dubai to help with the booming tourism industry.

Local SEO

Having a one-up on the local SEO market is a great way to ensure that the business website shows up on more search engines than competitors. Using multiple languages online for content marketing, website building, or other SEO strategies will help with the Google algorithm.

There is a lot of competition online in the local area, but when a business uses English and Arabic, customers will see this website first.

Worldwide SEO

Every search engine will help promote websites that are helping worldwide SEO strategies. This is because it brings people together. Multilingualism is a way for businesses to hit the global market and gain new customers from overseas. There are people all over the world that speak either Arabic or English, which is why companies should cater to gain their attention.

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Multilingual SEO Best Practices

These are three best practices businesses can use for multilingual SEO:

1. Dedicated URLs: The URL is the first part every customer sees, but this is also where SEO needs to begin. Whether it is English or Arabic, both languages should have its URL so that Google can properly crawl, index, and rank.

2. One Language Per Page: Visible content is used when it comes to rankings, which is why every business should ensure that only one language is used for each URL.

SEO Has Been Completed, How Can Customers See That on the Website?

When SEO has been completed, and a new customer comes to a website, every business should ensure that it is easy for customers to access the language preference they want. This can be done by having a clear button.


One of the best digital marketing strategies that can be used when it comes to making a business stand out online is to have multilingual SEO implemented on a website. This will help companies in Dubai to optimize content for search engines like Google. When English and Arabic are used, customer satisfaction will continue to rise since more people can read and interact with the website.

Overall, multilingual SEO practices can be practiced and implemented by eMojo. Every business will have digital efforts that will create a difference in the number of interested customers that purchase from the company.