White Label Facebook Ads – What Does it Mean?

What are white label Facebook ads?

When Facebook buys an ad from a company and presents it to users under the company’s name, it is known as a white label Facebook ad. In essence, Facebook acts as the middleman between the advertiser and the consumer and doesn’t take any credit for the advertisement. There are many benefits to this type of advertising, and also to using a third-party agency to help your company through the process.


Benefits of white label Facebook ads

Advertisers say Facebook is by far the best social media platform to advertise on. You might be wondering, what makes Facebook better for white label Facebook ads than other platforms? For starters, Facebook has over one billion users who spend an average of 58 minutes a day on the app, making it the most widely used social media platform. Because of this large audience, every demographic advertisers would want to target can be found on Facebook

Not only does your target audience most definitely exist on Facebook, you can use Facebook Ads’ algorithm to reach certain people. Facebook allows companies to narrow down their audience by factors such as age, location, connections, and language. Your company has full control over the audience your campaign will reach. Your ad is guaranteed to appear in the middle of ideal consumers’ News Feeds, something that is harder to achieve through other types of advertising. Since your ad will definitely be seen by potential customers, you will see fast and effective results. White label Facebook ads increase brand awareness and website traffic. The more people from a group interested in your service or product who see the ad, the more leads or sales you will get. 

Similarly, Facebook can customize an ad to fit the goal of the campaign. Your goal could be to get more clicks, more leads, more engagement, etc. Different types of ads will achieve different goals, so Facebook produces an ad that will be the most effective for what you are looking for. This is another way Facebook advertising allows your company to better control its campaigns.

Facebook is also an ideal platform for white label advertising because of its top-notch analytics. Facebook will provide data that will allow you to gain key market insights. You can see how effective your campaign was, allowing you to improve your advertising strategy for next time. More specifically, you can get data on reach, engagement, clicks, sales, conversions, return on ad spend (ROAS) and more. By using these facts, you will never be uncertain about whether or not your ad appealed to your target audience. 

White label Facebook ads are also low-cost and accessible to all businesses. If you want your business to be recognized through Facebook, you need to pay for an ad. Users’ News Feeds are comprised of posts from Facebook friends, not from businesses. So, advertising is the only way for potential customers to see your page. The good news, however, is that this type of marketing is less expensive than on other platforms, even when you use a third-party agency.


White Label Ad Agencies

There are many benefits to using white label Facebook advertising agencies including that it raises income for your company and consumers, is efficient, and cuts down on costs. A third party agency will take over the campaigns for your clients to bring in more income and increase traffic. White label ad agencies are also experts in Facebook advertising so you don’t have to spend a lot of time training your own employees. Not to mention, hiring in-house marketing professionals can also be very expensive, and companies often don’t have enough in their budget to allocate to that. This is why a white label Facebook ad agency is a great solution. 


When you are thinking about advertising your brand online, we strongly recommend using white label Facebook advertisements to increase both traffic and revenue to your company. Our world today is using social media at increasingly high rates, and Facebook advertising could soon take over as an optimal digital marketing strategy for growing businesses. By using white label ads, you are getting support from a third party agency to increase your brand awareness, while still being able to take credit for your online advertisements. 


Are You Looking for a Digital Marketing Agency to Help Your Business With White Label Facebook Advertising?

eMojo Digital Solutions can offer your company the support it needs for white label advertising on Facebook. We have strategies to help you reach a certain group while also being mindful of what you are willing to spend. Contact us to ask the eMojo team any questions you have. We also specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO),  Paid Campaign Management (PPC), Social Media Management, Web Development and Online Reputation Management, which are other effective digital marketing strategies for your business.