Product video genaration for Start-Ups

What is a product video? Who is it for? What are the production phases, and what makes it a creative marketing tool for start-up companies? This and more in the following article

The main idea behind product videos

A product video is one of the best modern marketing tools for exposing new or existing products, and increasing sales and brand recognition. The product video allows companies and businesses to single out the product they are making, developing, and marketing. This is achieved by presenting the product’s strong points and manner of use in a unique visual way using an exciting and original idea. Therefore, product videos are used by all companies developing, manufacturing, or marketing new or existing products. The purpose of the video is determined by its use: increasing sales at sale points, exposing new audiences to a current product or creating new audiences for a new one, presenting the main idea behind the product’s development (usually suited to start-up companies for recruiting investors, etc.), and other uses according to your goals.

The steps needed to make a product video

Nowadays, the production process of a product video is made possible using an increasing number of technologies, including live-action videos, 3D movies, and animation movies with dynamic graphic elements. The product’s presentation method depends, among other things, on the product type and development status. If the product already exists, you will usually shoot it by video from several angles and then edit the source material to a complete product video. If the product is still in development or design, it can be portrayed using visual means like 3D animation. In any case, it is of the utmost importance to clearly present the benefits customers will gain from using the product. So advertisers must make every video with one central idea that makes the product the star and presents the target audience with its various and relative advantages.
product video production set

Producing product videos for start-up companies

The global high-tech industry regularly uses production processes of product videos in order to present the main idea behind the different products they are developing. The purpose of these videos is to showcase the product to potential investors or shareowners for recruiting capital for further development. Also, start-up and high-tech companies use product videos in order to insert new products into the market. In these cases, the video is meant to increase the exposure of their product and increase interest with decision-makers in companies and businesses that may use or resale their products.

In both cases, making a product video is a focused and creative way to make a strong and decisive message about the product that will hopefully pass on to the relevant target audience. Therefore, it is essential to have a well-thought-out marketing message and script that will capture the audience and drive interest to the star – your product.

In conclusion, the process of making a product video allows product developers and manufacturers to present your product according to your desired marketing goals.