How to Impress Your CMO in the First 12 Months

In today’s marketing world, it isn’t easy to impress your chief marketing officer CMO. Most marketing professionals compound the challenge don’t fully understand their challenges and responsibilities.

That being said, there are ways of getting their attention and showing your value in a way that will make you stand out from other employees – particularly if you have less experience.

The best ways to impress your CMO are by understanding their challenges, responsibilities, and objectives. You’ll need to be innovative and savvy with a deep knowledge of trends in technology and the changing role of marketing through data science and machine learning.

Once you master these things, you’ll be able to get your CMO’s attention and show your value.

The following article will give you tips on how to impress your CMO during the first 12 months of working together.

1. Focus on the Customer Experience

The customer experience should be the cornerstone of any marketing strategy.

While this is easy to say, it’s not always that simple because many marketers don’t truly understand their CMO’s objectives or how they are measured.

The best way to impress your CMO in the first 12 months is by understanding and focusing on ways to have a positive customer experience.

For example, you might work with clients to measure their ROI or ways they are generating leads.

A good way to do this is by listening: when someone talks about how they had a bad day or their biggest problem, it listens because they might not be aware of their value. You should also know what they want to realize yet that many other people don’t have.

This is reflected in the many new roles in marketing that have titles using terms like customer experience, customer success, or lifecycle marketing. The same Salesforce report noted above, 64 percent of marketing leaders believe it’s necessary for the role of marketing to align. Understanding that marketing’s role is changing and keeping this top of mind can certainly impress your CMO.

2. Consider Adopting Technology

Technology can be a double-edged sword: it has the potential to make your CMO’s life easier, but if you’re not careful, it could also present challenges.

The ways you can impress your CMO in this context will depend on how technology is used. If it’s being abused, for example, by having an ineffective social media campaign that doesn’t align with their goals and objectives, they’ll be unhappy and unimpressed.

If you manage to adopt technological tools such as social media, analytics, and CRM to have a positive customer experience, you’ll be in much better shape.

New emerging technologies that are being used in marketing are CRM, AR, and AI.

  • Customer Relationship Management – The CRM provides ways of achieving customer acquisition and retention by ensuring the customer has a good experience with your company and that they can easily buy from them whenever they want.
  • Artificial Intelligence – AI can be used as a personal assistant for companies, so their employees have ways of easily finding what they need without having to search all over or ask others for help.
  • Augmented Reality – (AR) is a technology that can be applied in many ways. Companies are now using AR at their stores, including ways for customers to try out new products without purchasing them. They could also add AR on social media to show off how well their product works. Some companies use content marketing, which includes ways to show products through videos or other methods that don’t require consumers to buy anything yet still generate revenue.

These are just ways you can use technology, and there’s no end to what you could do.

One of the ways you might impress your CMO is by taking advantage of these technologies, so they don’t need to worry about anything but achieving their goals and objectives.

3. Stay up-to-Date on Trends

Your CMO will be impressed if you take the time to stay up-to-date on trends, technologies, and ways marketing is changing.

You should always understand what they want to realize or achieve, no matter how small it might seem to you at first.

This means understanding their goals and objectives and what the company wants to accomplish to achieve them.

The more you know where they want your company to go or how they are measured, the better off you’ll be because it will help guide everything else you do for your CMO.

4. Become Capable to Support Overall Business and Marketing Objectives

One of the ways you might be able to impress your CMO is by being capable of supporting their overall business and marketing efforts. This means not only focusing on what they want but also understanding how it affects other areas so that you can have a complete picture.

If they’re trying for an increase in sales, it’ll help if you have ways to help with that.

One way you might be able to do this is by focusing on providing a positive customer experience; it can also include marketing the business through social media or other ways (such as content marketing).

The more you understand their objectives and how they are being achieved, the better off everyone will be. This can help you develop ways in which the business and marketing objectives are satisfied.

Pro-Tip – “Be flexible and be open to new ways of doing things. You should always have ways of supporting their goals, objectives, and ways in which they want marketing to help them achieve them.”

5. Bring Creative and Cost-Effective Marketing Ideas

One of the ways you might be able to impress your CMO is by bringing creative and cost-effective marketing ideas. This can range from coming up with ways in which the company or brand is being advertised, how customers are engaged with a product or service, and ways to provide a positive customer experience.

This doesn’t always mean coming up with new and innovative ways; it can also mean understanding what the company needs from a marketing perspective.

You might show your value to them by being creative, providing ideas for their focus areas, and offering how they need help in these areas.

For example, you might come up with ways to provide a better customer journey and ways that would impact sales (such as coming up with creative ways for customers to try out products).

Pro-Tip – “You should always be trying new things that are different from what they have been doing because this can help you show how innovative you can be.”

6. Look at Resources and Versatility

Your CMO is not looking for a one-stop-shop where they can get their hands on everything. They are more interested in the option of being able to tap into external sources when necessary and letting other departments, like digital marketing or content management, handle what they do best.

Rather than having entire marketing teams dedicated exclusively to producing high-quality videos that your customers could enjoy, it would be better if you explored outside resources such as freelancers who specialize in video production services for hire rather than dedicating internal time and money towards something so specific without any assurances about how much return you’ll see from doing this work yourself.

This could mean coming up with ways to invest their marketing budget more effectively or ways that would be most appealing to customers (such as through content marketing).

7. Understand CMOs Role

One way to impress your CMO is by understanding what they do. This can mean knowing what they want and how it ties into marketing and the importance of other areas concerning marketing (such as sales).

If you have a broad understanding, this will help with coming up with ways to meet their needs and creative ways.

8. Prepare and Present Your Case in a Way That Will Impress Them

You might be able to do this by presenting your case in ways they will take seriously and ways that show how valuable you are with what resources, knowledge, or skills you have available to provide marketing support. It can also include coming up with ways of meeting their objectives while making them more cost-effective.

The more ways you know to impress your CMO, the easier it will be to see why you are a solid resource.

This can happen by presenting ways that tie into their objectives and ways in which marketing aids those areas or creates an impact on these areas, such as how marketing helps create positive customer experiences.

Final Words

When it comes to the first 12 months of a new position, there are some guidelines you can follow to help impress your CMO.

First and foremost, be transparent with them about who you are as an individual by keeping in touch regularly through one-on-one meetings or group presentations where they’ll get to know what makes you unique.

You should also be confident but humble when presenting ideas and remember that if something doesn’t work out for whatever reason (after all, we’re only human), don’t give up! It may take time for things to fall into place eventually.

If you want advice on how best to keep your boss happy while doing social media marketing for their company, look no further. Our marketing team at eMojo would be glad to help guide you through this process with our social media management services or strategy consulting.