Commercials – how can they give your business a serious advantage

The digital era in which we live allows every one of the business owners among us to enjoy a wide variety of possibilities for making and broadcasting commercials, unlike the not-so-distant past where commercials were mostly created and published by large commercial companies.

Different types of business commercials

Nowadays, you can produce and broadcast a wide variety of commercials suited for different types of businesses, including:

  • Corporate video – commercials about a minute length intended to strengthen the image of the company.
  • Product videos – commercials meant to deliver a strong and focused message about the product, how to use it, its advantages, etc.
  • TV commercials include full-length commercials, 30 seconds short commercials, and 5 seconds sponsorship ones at sports events and more.

Where can you broadcast your commercials?

Advertisers can show commercials on a wide variety of platforms and media channels. You can present the video on commercial TV or different niche TV channels. You can also use internet video content sites like YouTube, social media networks, and of course, your company’s homepage. You can also send your video through contact lists on WhatsApp, email, and more. Another possibility is to show these videos on close circuit TV at your establishment

Producing a commercial – how?

Advertisers can use many different production technologies that significantly cut the high costs of long days of shooting. These technologies include various editing software, animation software, greenscreen technologies that allow using different backgrounds, and more. You can also shoot the classical way on set and then edit the raw footage into a cohesive commercial representing your theme or style.

Whatever technology you choose to use, the script and the concept behind the video are the foundation on which the video is made, so we recommend enlisting the help of content professionals and copyrighters in making your commercial.

How do the commercials give you a significant advantage?

There is a common saying in the digital marketing world: “The medium is the message,” meaning that the type of media you choose to advertise in is the main message representing you. Therefore, when you advertise on one of the most viewed prime time slots on national TV, your value as an advertiser automatically increases in the customer’s eyes. By that principle, producing commercials for all means of broadcasting gives you added value for the customers. Moreover, you can broadcast your commercials on a wide array of media outlets and let your marketing messages reach a wider audience.

In conclusion, commercials make an effective means of advertising for all types of businesses. It allows them to individualize their activities using visual messages that can be broadcast on an increasing number of media platforms. It is also important to state that production costs have been significantly decreased during the last few years, so there is no reason for you not to have at least one commercial