7 Best Branding Practices for 2021

If you have a business of any kind, it is essential to have a branding strategy to help your brand be successful and recognized. In broad terms, a branding strategy is a plan businesses have to create consistency and uniqueness in everything their brand puts out into the world. This can mean anything from a logo or website design to a specific tone of voice – your branding strategy should impact all facets of your business. Let’s talk about the importance of branding and the best branding practices you should follow in 2021.


Importance of Branding

What is so important about branding, you might ask? There are many benefits to branding including helping you gain new customers, increasing business value, creating awareness about your business, instilling pride, improving employee satisfaction, and creating trust within the marketplace. Focusing some time and energy on creating a branding strategy will be worthwhile to your company. Follow these branding best practices to get you started.


7 Branding Practices to Follow

      1. Be Clear About Who You Are

        Perhaps the most crucial thing to keep in mind when forming a strategy for branding your business is to be clear to your audience about who you are. You have to decide how you ideally want consumers to view your business and gear your strategy toward achieving that image. What are your goals and intentions? What are the benefits you offer customers? Which group of people are you catering to? What makes you stand out from your competitors? Do your products truly reflect your message? These are all questions you will want to address through your branding strategy.

      2. Think about your Design

        The design of your company can play a large role in a customer’s perception of your brand. It is important to be mindful when deciding how to design your logo, website, social media page, and even your domain name and slogan. When a person sees a visual, it can invoke a feeling. For example, when choosing a color scheme for your brand, you will want to look beyond preference and think about what a color says to a viewer. Red creates urgency and is often seen on “SALE” signs, whereas blue creates a sense of security and is often used for banks and serious businesses. Whatever you decide fits your brand best, make sure to keep your design consistent and try not to stray away from your brand’s look.

      3. Be Aware of your Competitors

        It is important for your brand to be aware of its competitors. You want to understand your competition so that you can improve your own brand strategy. Learning from your competitors’ mistakes and successes can actually better your own company. A good tip is to pay close attention to how your competitors engage with consumers on social media, so that you can also become part of the narrative and make yourself noticed. Try to beat them to the punch when adding to Twitter threads, joining meme trends, or responding to conversations around your brand.

      4. Create Original Content

        In this digital age, social media engagement is crucial to the success of your brand. Make sure to include social media planning in your branding strategy. You will want to post original and relevant content on a regular basis to all your social media platforms. Make your posts look professional by using high-quality images and graphics. Pay attention to the look of your social media feed to ensure it is appealing and fits your brand’s general design.

      5. Improve Customer Satisfaction

        One of the most crucial parts of branding strategy is creating a satisfying customer experience. You want to make sure that your company is paying attention to the small details. For example, if a customer is upset about anything in your product and your company fails to adequately address it, the customer won’t want to support your business anymore. Keep in mind that competitors are all offering the same services, so it’s difficult to differentiate your brand from others if you don’t have exceptional customer service. Another important aspect is cultivating loyalty. You want to reward your most loyal customers and let them know how much you appreciate them. Sometimes writing a personalized letter or sending gifts can make a customer feel special, and this gives them more incentive to return to your brand.

      6. Involve Employees

        Just as it is important to create consistency in your brand’s design, it is also necessary for your employees to fit the branding strategy. Employees should be well-trained in how to speak about the business to customers. The language they use should match the language used in your social media posts and website page to ensure they are representing the brand in a positive way. You will also want to teach them how to avoid making common online branding mistakes.

      7. Reinvent Your Brand

        You want to make sure that you regularly reinvent your brand. This means that your brand should keep evolving and changing, or else it won’t be current. You want to stay relevant to what is happening in the world and keep up with constant changes in the marketplace. Your original branding strategy may have worked when you first established it, but rebranding is a great way to keep customers engaged and not have your business fall behind its competitors.


Following these seven strategies for branding will surely help your business develop and gain more credibility. Utilizing these tools will not only help you grow, but it will also improve your customers’ experience which is ultimately the main goal for any evolving business.


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