Why SEO Is Critical in the B2B Industry

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The common way to find a product or service you have no idea about is to search for it online. Search engines have become the first point of call for most people using the internet. This is why businesses consider search engine optimization (SEO) as one of the most important processes in establishing an online presence.

SEO refers to all the activities that help a website to rank higher in search results about specific keywords.

Research shows that 93% of all web traffic is via search engines. Out of these searches, 46% are linked to local products and services. Businesses can’t ignore the importance of SEO in their marketing operations.

Most B2B marketers understand how important SEO is but hesitate in adding it to their operations. It is easy to understand why they may have doubts about the whole idea.

B2B companies interact with other businesses and not individual consumers. One business identifies how another can help them in their value chain and contacts them directly. The businesses meet, discuss the benefits each will have in the partnership, and make an agreement.

Managers in such companies find it difficult to identify how SEO can increase productivity or profits in these operations. This article will help you realize the role search engine optimization plays in the B2B industry, and why these companies must invest in it as soon as possible.

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Importance of SEO in B2B Industries

SEO Helps to Influence Decision-Making Process

SEO may not be necessary to a B2B company when you consider that most of these businesses contact each other directly. However, research conducted by Demand Gen showed that about 61% of the decision-makers in such organizations begin their decision-making process with web research.

If these managers and directors are going to be using search engines, then having a well-performing website as a B2B company is necessary. It shows the other business that you are a serious organization with enough authority to appear at the top of searches in the industry.

The impressions you leave on these decision-makers influence what they do about proposals you send them.

SEO Helps to Influence Purchasers

B2B companies that make purchases within the supply chain are also influenced by SEO. 77% of these companies claim that they don’t speak to salespeople from other companies until they do their research about them. This research involves information they can gather about the company from online searches.

As the other company, having a website with excellent search engine optimization will help provide these purchasers with all the insight they need about you.

SEO Impacts Lead Generation

Sales and marketing teams in B2B companies use lead generation to identify ideal purchasers in the supply chain. As a purchasing business, you can also use SEO to help you pop up in lead generation activities.

The statistics show that B2B brands that have blogs are contacted by other companies 67% more than those that don’t. Blogging is part of the SEO activities that help to push business websites to the top of search results.

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Reasons Why B2B Marketers Should Get Serious About SEO

Several marketers have not taken SEO seriously in the B2B space. They consider it a strategy for companies with a target market in the general population.

The following are reasons why you should consider it as a B2B marketer:

Results for B2B Terms Are Not Crowded Yet

SEO competition in consumer marketing is at its peak. However, hesitation from most B2B companies means that brands that take it seriously will have a strategic advantage over their competitors.

Even those already implementing SEO strategies don’t utilize the keyword techniques aggressively. Many B2B companies are barely authorities in their industries and show at the top of search engine results.

Analyzing these companies shows that their pages are not even optimized to the highest level. They only appear in results because the space is not yet choked. The smallest effort in SEO activities helps most mediocre B2B websites rank high in search results.

Builds Trust with Other B2B Companies

SEO helps associate your brand with certain keywords in the B2B space. If you can share relevant information on your website and display your expertise, other brands begin to trust you more.

The openness in your assessments and attempt to help solve issues in the space makes your brand trustworthy. Whenever similar problems arise, your brand will be associated with solving them.

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Mobile Conversions

Mobile traffic on the internet keeps increasing. Purchasing companies are some of the B2B organizations that require mobile-friendly resources and solutions.

Buyers from these companies within the supply chain are usually on the move. When making a purchase, they may turn to your informative website to learn a few things to help them.

In other situations, such as when they are in a fix of some kind, they can also reach information easily from your site if it is mobile-friendly. Contacting your business may be the solution they seek.

SEO guides you to tweak your website to be mobile-friendly. You modify elements and user interfaces to make them simple enough for mobile devices.

The B2B SEO space is not yet saturated. Make the move now to give yourself the best advantage.


We understand that several B2B companies have no idea about the kind of influence that having a well-optimized site gives them in their interactions with other businesses.

Although they may not have to connect with customers directly, other players in the supply chain also use search engines in their decision-making.

Search engine optimization has a huge impact on establishing the company’s authority in the industry it is in. Get off the fence and make it a priority in your business immediately.

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