Customer’s Field of Activity

Ravello’s cloud application Hypervisor enables an enterprise to completely encapsulate a multi-VM and run it in any cloud without making any changes whatsoever.

The Challenge

Increase the number of conversions while significantly lowering the cost per conversion.

What We Did

  • We noticed that the Click Through Rate (CTR) was significantly lower than the industry standard and decided to rewrite the ads entirely. In addition, we made use of the various ad extensions that were previously not setup.

  • We designed and developed a new landing page to A/B test our funnel.

  • We performed an extensive keyword research, and eliminated many targeted keywords in the campaign as they were either not converting quality leads or the conversion cost was too expensive.

  • We developed a client specific script that aided us in making sure our ads received the most ROI positive placement between the top page ads section.

  • We developed a second client specific script that analyzed conversions vs. time of day, and helped us increase or decrease the bid depending on how strategic it was to maximize exposure during certain hours of the day.

The Results

The Results