What They Do

Our client created an app to help scheudle weekly shifts based on the employers’ needs and the employees availability in the most efficient way. The app created a smooth and positive experience for employees and helped employers control their available workforce and create a work environment where employees requests are being met in the best possible way.

The Challenge

Our client had a target of 100,000 app installs their investors expected them to reach by the end of the quater. While the they found different employers who seemed interested in their product, success depended on buy-in from the employees.

A Backlink cleaning process had the site re-appear on Google

82 %

Decrease in Cost per App Installation

315 %

Total App Installs Increase

50 %

Cost per Click Reduction

Effective Use of Creative

Identifying and using the right creatives and ad copy, resulted in a decrease in CPM’s (cost per 1000 impressions) by 35%.

Minimizing Media Budget

We were able to increase app installs while decreasing cost per install thus reaching companies’ targets.