Our client is a high end fashion designer based in NYC. The kind you’ll see Bella Hadid and Gwyneth Paltrow wearing.

The Challenge

While the designer has four highly successful physical stores in Manhattan, the e-Commerce website was under-performing. eMojo was tasked with bringing in more revenue through online channels, while maintaining a double-digit Return on Ad Spend (How much money was made in sales online, divided by the online marketing budget).

A Backlink cleaning process had the site re-appear on Google

91 %

Increase in Sales Revenue

98 %

Returning Customer Increase

36 %

Average Order Value Increase


Return On Ad Spend

Buyer Persona

Buyer Persona was more clearly defined, instead of a wide 18-65 range, we’ve decided to focus on the higher yielding 35-65 bracket.

Marketing Channels Expanded

Other than simply running Facebook Ads, we’ve added more channels and traffic sources such as Google Shopping Ads, Taboola Ads and Criteo.

Conversion Funnel Optimization

The funnel was re-evaluated to ensure a smooth onboarding experience, as well as lower the amount of abandoned carts.

eMojo's done an AMAZING job. We were always hesitant to increase our investment into online channels because we've never seen tangible results there. A year after working together, our total e-Commerce revenue rivals that of our retail stores!

Brand CFO