LocateBallBearings.com is a worldwide, one-stop shop bearing locating service for SKF distributors.

The Challenge

The company’s website was under a Google penalty due to previous “blackhat” link building tactics. The penalty itself had resulted in the website completely disappearing from Google’s organic search results, which had a serious impact on the business’ revenue.

A Backlink cleaning process had the site re-appear on Google


Keywords ranked immediately
On the first page of search results

300 %

Increase in oragnic traffic
within 3 months

75 %

Increase in conversions

toxic links

We’ve assessed all current incoming links and identification of toxicity that still exists within the profile. the addition of toxic links to disavow file, removal of good links/domains that had been wrongly added to the disavow file, contacting site owners to remove toxic links.

A Proactive Approach

We contacted owners of sites that were identified as toxic to the LocateBallBearing’s backlink profile and asking for the removal of the backlink.

disavow file

We’ve created a compelling disavow file for the backlinks that remained and sent it to Google.

An AMAZING job. We've seen our organic traffic shoot up almost immediately after the removal of our bad links.

Eric Leimkler