What They Do

Our client built an app to create communities in different locations. Within the community, members can recommend different services, experiences, and feel connected to other people similar to them.

The Challenge

While our client had an amazing product, which showed initial interest in different focus groups they ran, they had trouble scaling and reaching the full potential of the app. The investment in digital media was not providing the desired ROI, and the product was not scaling as investors expected.

A Backlink cleaning process had the site re-appear on Google

67 %

Decrease in Cost per App Installation

270 %

Total App Installs Increase

630 %

Installs from Instagram Increase

Optimizing Marketing Channels

After optimizing the campaign, we saw that instagram’s CPM’s were significantly lower so we decided to run an instagram story campaign. As a result, we were able to increase the number of installs by 630% with a cost per install of 0.4$.

Using Creatives

Switching creatives from static images to GIFs allowed us to lower FB’s CPM’s by 40%, resulting in 270% increase in the total number of app installs and a 67% decrease in cost per app install.