Bing Search Engine– The blue ocean of search engines

What would you say if we told you that you could get an additional market exposure from 7%-5% of the billions of internet users? When dealing with site promotion, most of us are used to thinking in “Google” terms, but other search engines can prove to be effective in our online marketing process. If you haven’t heard of site promotion using Bing, please join us for a five-minute read. While most business owners and site promoters usually rely on Google for promoting and marketing, we are pleased to state some of the other marketing alternatives. Enter Bing, a search engine considered somewhat anonymous but had gained traction in the last few years. That same engine, Bing, came second only to Google in 2017.

How many people use Bing Worldwide?

According to data published in 2017, about 7.25% of desktop internet users search the web using Bing, along with 0.85% using Bing on mobile phones. These percentages may not impress you, but keep in mind that these are upwards of 7% out of several billions of internet users.
Thus, we realize that you can produce significant exposure while using Bing. Still, at the same time, we would also like to state that marketing with this engine is primarily effective for target audiences abroad. If you wish to promote and market your business in Israel, Google will be the better choice. On the other hand, Google has a saturated and competitive advertisement scene.


Bing – marketing and advertising with very little competition

No matter what in your business nowadays, whatever your occupation is, you will most definitely encounter competition on Google. Almost all business owners advertise using this platform. Whether it’s paid or organic promotion online using search engine optimization, people put most of their eggs in the Google basket .Advertising mostly on Google leads and creates substantial business competition. Therefore, even if you have a very niche line of work, you will probably face some degree of competition in the vast ocean of marketing that is Google. Thus, Bing site promotion may be a golden opportunity for you to find an advertisement venue with less competition.


Got a Google penalty? Good thing you have Bing

Generally speaking, if you ask most site promotion companies, they will tell you not to invest all of your marketing funds into one arena. On more than one occasion, Google comes up with updates that lead to a decline in websites search result ratings.

You wake up in the morning, used to appearing on Google’s first page on certain expressions, and suddenly your ratings have changed. It is also known that google uses the penalty system. Every once in a while, Google will deliberately lower the rating of various sites in the search engines. This usually happens because the site has broken one or more of Google’s rules.

Can we avoid Google’s penalties?

We should now point out that site promoters are not always privy to the rules made by Google. Sometimes these rules are a matter of trial and error and may result in a critical drop in site rating. When something like this happens, it is good to have some marketing backup, as a site promotion campaign on Bing.

To be precise, website promotion on Bing should not be the bulk of your marketing strategy. In practice, every site promoter will tell you to diversify your efforts among the social platforms, Google, and other search engines. For instance, did you know there are search engines exclusive for Russian speakers?

Where to put forth my marketing efforts?

Today’s marketing options are undoubtably endless, which may cause certain complexities. As a result, we need to pick and choose the marketing arenas into which we’ll invest our funds. 

It is essential to address how you are presented on the different marketing platforms when dealing with marketing arenas. Unlike the Google promotion, the Bing site promotion won’t focus its primary efforts on content. The content is considered an essential factor of the Bing search, but there are other significant factors such as video clips, flash videos (which Google may have trouble presenting), images, etc.

Emphasizing UX/UI – the Bing search results

In effect, the content presented by Bing’s search results seems more versatile than Google’s search results. This leads us to believe that Bing gives an emphasis not only to content but also to user experience on your website. If your UX/UI is in its highest and most accurate levels, and your site is interactive and interesting, you stand an excellent chance to end up high on Bing’s search results. If you are sold and now interested in marketing and promoting on Bing, the good news is that you need not reinvent the wheel.

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Website promotion on Bing – similar tools to Google’s

Site promotion on Bing has many similarities to Google’s. Beyond the fact that the procedures for promotion are similar across the two platforms, so will the technological tools be. On Google, we have the “Google console,” and on Bing, we have the “webmaster tools.”

These tools help us understand the problems that occur on our website from time to time and understand the full picture for the page scans on our site. Moreover, the Bing console will allow you to check the search phrases by which the site is ranked. In addition, the Bing console will let you check the quality of your outside links that are directing traffic onto your website (your links array).

Similar promotion metrics between Google and Bing

As we’ve noticed, Bing and Google have pretty similar metrics for site promotion. This is because both platforms wish to maintain their quality and present the user with added value. However, there are certain differences between these search engines, along with all these similarities. 

For example, let us review synonyms or even “long-tail keywords.” While Google knows how to identify and connect generic and synonyms, Bing still has room for improvement.

Recognize Bing’s limitations

If you promote and market via Bing, please remember that Bing does not have the same capabilities as Google. However, site promotion on Bing can be very effective, especially if you are marketing goods or services to a target audience abroad. And if you decide to promote your website via Bing, we recommend enlisting the professional help of an SEO company.